Tuition & Fees



Candidates should be prepared to pay tuition, fees and other charges at the time of admission to HUA and registration for specific courses. All payments must be made in US dollars. Current rates, in US Dollars, are as follows:

Application Fee

$25.00 (non-refundable)

Tuition costs

Current tuition rates are $300.00 per credit hour

Other fees Schedule

Credit Transfer/Evaluation fee      $ 50.00 per course

 Payment Procedure

All payments, through checks or money orders only on a bank in the USA, should be in the name of ‘Hindu University of America’, mailed to the University address or submitted to the University cashier.  Electronic bank account transfers are admissible for students overseas. Please contact the HUA office for details.

Please follow the given procedure for payment to HUA via Paypal :
  1. Payable to “Hindu University of America”
  2. Pay at Paypal account at
  3. Please mention your name and course registration number

In case you face any problems while paying, please write to us at

 Tuition and Fees for Students from Some Selected Countries

HUA has a different rate of tuition and fees for permanent residents of some selected countries. Currently the list of such countries includes India, Nepal, Śrī Lanka, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Africa continent and the Caribbean Islands. Students from other parts of the world, who think their country needs to be included in this list, need to contact the HUA office. Current tuition and fees for students from these countries are

Application fee                                $25.00

Tuition                                              $54.00 per credit

Graduation fee                                $50.00

Credit Transfer/Evaluation fee     $20.00 per course

 Other Expenses

It is the responsibility of a student to purchase relevant texts and other study materials as these are not included in the tuition costs. An estimate of the cost of the text, course-notes handouts and other needed materials is available from the respective instructors or the HUA office upon request.