ORLANDO, USA, May 17, 2017 (press release): The Mahatma Gandhi Center for Nonviolence, Human Rights and World Peace at the Hindu University of America is launching online Certificate, Masters and Doctoral program in Conflict, Peace and Hindu Philosophy (CPH) from July 2017. The program aims at enriching the discipline of Conflict and Peace Studies by providing a Hindu perspective. The dominant perspectives in conflict resolution prioritize rigid notions on peace and security, often at the cost of other perspectives from pluralistic cultures and traditions. The program aims to widen the discipline by drawing upon the finer principles of Hinduism. It brings into focus ideas and contributions of the philosophers, leaders and Yogis from Dharmic traditions.

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HUA To Host Conference About Sri AurobindoSri aurobindo
Hindu University of America (5200 Vineland Road, 120, Orlando, FL 32811) will host an international conference on May 4 and 5 about the Indian philosopher and yogi Sri Aurobindo. The presentations will focus on the grand visions of the ancient Indian wisdom he represented. This famous Indian argued that human society has evolved throughout history and is destined to continually move toward a better organization of life. He believed in a fundamental unity as the very basis of existence and at the foundation of all things. The conference will focus on the relevance of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and its applicability to the problems confronting society today. Despite the profundity of his philosophy and its wider implications, his ideas are less well-known in the West than in the East, and there have been few conferences that make an in-depth study of his philosophy. This conference aims to fill that gap. The conference will be held at HUA’s Mahatma Gandhi Center for Nonviolence, Human Rights and World Peace.


HUA Doctoral Student, Madhu Sharma, in the News:

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