Dr. Martha Orton has written Oneness (published by iUniverse)



Dr. Martha Orton is the author of The Quest for Knowledge and Mastery: A Comparative study of Motivation in the light of Sri Aurobindo (published by SACAR).


Dr. D.  Aurobinda Mahapatra, Director, HUA – Mahatma Gandhi Center, is the author/co-author/editor of seven content-2books and has published articles in reputed journals.   His recent publications include Conflict and Peace in Eurasia (editor, Routledge, 2013),  Making Kashmir Borderless (RCSS, Colombo, 2013),  and Mandate and (In) effectiveness of UN Security Council  (Geopolitics, 2016).


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The new edition of the “Significance of Hindu Deities (Symbolism)” is an excellent booklet of 20 colorful pages, available from HUA in English, Hindi & Gujarati versions.