Story Writing Intensive

Course Description:
This course is about writing to enjoy, writing to entertain, and writing with an aim to be published. Teen writers will dive into a life of adventure and solve mysteries on their way. They will lose themselves in lands unknown and create magic with the flick of a wand and will travel through time while getting a glimpse of the future as they understand the past! A variety of creative idea generation methods will be used to guide students in writing original stories in the genre of their choice.

Course content:

The course will cover different aspects of story writing popular today during this six-week story writing intensive. Plot structure and character development will take center stage in this course helping the student create a good first draft of an original story in the genre of their choice. Methods to overcome writer’s block will also be practiced. Story telling methods in Indian literature and Hindu epics and their importance in the modern era will be discussed as a basis to create new literature. The class time will be dedicated to working on new methods of idea generation and discussing genre specific storytelling methods. Students will write and submit stories regularly during the days between classes. Sharing with and reviewing the writings of peers can be expected. Students in this class will write with the goal of becoming published authors.

Course Learning Objectives:
In this course students will:

  1.  Learn new methods to overcome writer’s block
  2.  Get a general understanding of the five elements of story writing
  3.  Compare and contrast the story telling methods seen in Hindu epics, Indian folklore, other Indigenous folklore, and popular stories of today.
  4.  Understand what it takes to make the journey from being a writer to a published author.
  5.  Take home a portfolio of original stories written and/or retold by them.
  6.  Discover how the art of writing creatively can be of help in different career paths.
  7.  Work towards publishing original and/or retold stories.

Class Structure

This class will be conducted both as an instructional class as well as a writing group. The class is structured in a way that promotes discussion and debate based on the theme of the week. Students will write short pieces using different methods that aid in overcoming writer’s block each session. Two 15-minute lectures will be followed by some writing and free-form discussion. There will be a minimum of 1.5 contact hours with faculty twice a week during which students may start writing new stories. They will be required to write and share stories with faculty during the week who will provide feedback. Every student will get an opportunity to share their work with their peer.

Area of Study: Hindu Studies Foundation

Core/ Elective: Elective

Prerequisites: Admission into program of study

Instructor:  Smt. Jyoti Yelagalawadi

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 7:30 pm EST – 09:00 pm EST

Start Date: July 12, 2022 (Except on August 2 and August 4)

End Date: August 18, 2022

Quarter Offered: Summer 2022