Upanishadic Dialogues – I: The Chandogya Upanishad

Course content:
In this Course, Students will gain an understanding of the method of teaching deployed by the Upanishads, using the Uddalaka – Svetaketu dialogue as an example. The Course will unfold the main content of the Dialogue between Uddalaka and Svetaketu, enable the students to analyze the experiments presented in that dialogue, and demonstrate an understanding of their application. Students will be invited to discuss the learning from the dialogue and the applicability of the concepts for Spiritual Advancement and Global Wellbeing. How do we make the goals of spiritual advancement and global wellbeing compatible with the contemporary world of competition, exploitation of nature, attendant stress, and the struggle to survive or achieve dominance and power? Through this course, students will be led gradually towards an appreciation of the profundity and significance of the ideas in the Upanishads, and their contemporary relevance.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, students will be able to:
1. Understand the main content and concepts taught in the text of the dialogue between Uddalaka and Svetaketu.
2. Appreciate the approach and method of teaching and how it is developed with various experiments to teach important concepts
3. Study a couple of experiments in detail and analyze the Upanishad way of teaching subtle philosophical concepts through practical experiments
4. Learn key principles involved in teaching philosophical concepts contained in Hindu metaphysics.
5. Explore the practical applications of concepts from the Upanishad, and benefits for both individual and collective life.

Class Structure:
There will be a minimum of 1 contact hour with one or more faculty every week. The class is structured in a way that promotes discussion and debate based on self-study and reflection each week. While the content being discussed in each class will be concluded within 60 minutes, the discussion time will be free format, and can continue for an additional 30 minutes maximum. During the course, students will be required to make a presentation to the class.

Required / Elective: Elective

Area of Study: Hindu Studies Foundation 

Prerequisites: Admission into program of study.

Faculty / Instructor: Dr. Narasimhan Anantharangachar

Start Date:  July 17, 2022

End Date:  September 25, 2022

Day: Every Sunday

Time: 10:30 am EST – 12:00 pm EST

Quarter Offered: Summer 2022