Dr. Vaishnavi Nishankar

Dr. Vaishnavi Nishankar

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Vaishnavi Nishankar holds a Ph. D in Dvaita Vedanta epistemology focusing on inferential cognition, from Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetham, Tirupati, from where She obtained a second Masters’ degree in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics.

She has worked on the Rāmāyaṇa and its commentaries in Tirupati, and Sanskrit WordNet at CFILT, IIT Mumbai. She also has taught Sanskrit to undergraduate students for over 5 years. She has focused on value education and developing a learner-centric curriculum and learning resources.

Now, as the academic coordinator at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, School of Vedic Sciences (MIT SVS) Pune,  she is involved with curriculum design using Sanskrit as a medium of accessing Indic knowledge systems. She is also involved in translating and compiling work in subjects like traditional Indian philosophy, epistemology, and epics. She is a Visiting Faculty at Hindu University of America.

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