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Course Introduction:

This is one of certificate course offered by Hindu University of America, in any of the programs  may be taken by individuals who may not be interested in any degree or diploma program at HUA. A prior permission of the instructor is needed to ensure that the persons desiring to take the course have the pre-requisite background required for learning in the course. A student needs to adhere to the same discipline as if following a diploma course. A certificate can be transferred if a student decides to enroll in a program at a later date.

Enrollment / Registration details :

 Degree Level Certificate

 The Philosophy and Social Thought of Sri Aurobindo

3 credit

Course description:

Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian sage, philosopher, poet and revolutionary, virtually defies description in light of the immense range of his achievements and impact. This course presents  an introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s life, philosophy, and social thought. Sri Aurobindo described his philosophical perspective in his masterwork, The Life Divine. Portions of this profound work will be studied as the basis of the course, addressing primarily Sri Aurobindo’s conceptualization of the nature of reality and the implications that extend from this, including his world view of integral Advaitism. Sri Aurobindo’s writing includes an evolutionary perspective, addressing evolution at both the individual and cosmic levels. Within this is his vision of a higher destiny for humanity, as the evolutionary trajectory extends into the future.  Selections from Letters on Yoga will be studied which relate to Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and his conceptualization of planes and parts of the being as well as levels of consciousness. In addition, the course will include portions of The Ideal of Human Unity, in which Sri Aurobindo’s vision of integral oneness is expressed in pragmatic terms in relation to human society and its conflicts and striving for peace. Related texts providing commentary and interpretation will be used as supplements.  Participants will engage in online discussion and complete two tests as part of the course.

Course objectives:

To develop an understanding of the principal aspects of the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo which provides the basis of his Integral Yoga, including developing understanding of

(1.) Sri Aurobindo’s perspective on the goal and destiny of man and the world,

(2.) Sri Aurobindo’s conceptualization of the evolution of consciousness

(3.) an understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s perspective on human unity.

Course Instructor: Martha Orton, PhD


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