Vastu and interior design course

Course Introduction:

These are the Vastu certificate courses offered by Hindu University of America. Any of the courses may be taken by individuals who may not hold a Bachelor’s Degree or may not require any background qualification prior to attend these courses. There are two courses available namely,

  1. Vastu certificate course –  for new Vastu home building design
  2. Vastu Interior Design course – for Vastu rectification of existing home.

A prior permission of the instructor is needed to ensure that the persons desiring to take the course have the prerequisite background required for learning in the course. A student needs to adhere to the same discipline as if following a  Vastu courses. A certificate can be transferred if a student decides to enroll in a program at a later date.

Enrollment / Registration details :

 Degree Level Certificate
 Vastu certificate Course 2 credit
 Vastu interior design Course 2 credit

Course 1 : Vastu home design Certificate Course outline:

This course helps to design home from ground up.  During this course you will learn:

1. How to select land with selection of shape, orientation of land, orientation of road in relation to the land
2. Orientation of tree and Vegetation in relation to the building orientation
3. Which water body such as swimming pool, pond, creek, river or sea location is right as per Vastu in relation to building
4. What is”Vastu Purusa Mandala” diagram and how you use to design building
5. How to design building plan with right orientation of building
6. Learn to locate functions in home design as per cosmic planetary energy
7. How to locate marma points, prana line and Brahmasthan in home design floor plan
8. Learn to locate interior partitions and columns as per Vaastu
9. Design locations of furniture as per Vastu
10. Bath room. Kitchen and staircase layout as per Vastu
11. Interior and exterior color selection as per Vastu
12. Design land garden around house as per Vastu
13. What is “Vastu fence” and how to design its proportion and layout as per Vastu
15. Learn location of garage, sheds, and storage building around house as per Vastu

Course 2 : Vastu Interior home design course outline:

This course helps to rectify existing home without and construction demolition and with very economical
solutions as per Vastu knowledge.

1. Principles of Vastu knowledge
2. How mini Pyramids are designed and  install in home to rectify each location of function’s energy in home.
3. Rectify interior spaces as per Vastu
4. Remedies to rectify energy of function located at North/East corner
5. Remedies to rectify energy of function in South/west corner
6. What is Crystals and how to use them to rectify location of functions
7. Understand energy of different stones and its use to purify spaces
8. Use of right color remedy to purify location of finction
9. How to locate water body such as mini fountain to rectify spaces
10. Learn right orientation of bed room furniture
11. Understand energy of Fish aquarium and its right location in home
12. Ten keys to improve home energy with Vastu knowledge

What does vastu mean?

Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning object: a house, a building, town, country, the earth, the stars, and/or planets; any visual object with material quality is called vastu. Although a recent word, vastu describes a portion of the ancient Vedic literature called Sthapatya Ved. Sthapatya in Sanskrit means “to establish”, and what is established in the process of building design is the relationship between dweller, dwelling, and cosmos.

How does Vastu knowledge work with building design?

Success in life depends upon the positive thoughts of an individual: the more positive the thoughts, the more success one enjoys. Living and/or working in a building designed with Vastu knowledge allows the occupants to encounter more positive thoughts than negative ones, and thereby enjoy greater fulfillment in life.

Why should one consider design building with Vastu?

Our daily activities such as wake up, eating, sleeping etc are directly related to cosmic clock. That very same cosmic energy support Vastu design home or building and its occupants. Such cosmic support increases health, wealth and prosperities for building occupants.

Course developer and Instructor 

For further details about the program please contact: Deepak Bakshi – Vastu Architect

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