Tenses, Parts of speech, Poetry Analysis in Sanskrit

Course Content

  1. Introduction to lakAra, especially the 4 important ones
  2. The sambodhanam declension / Vocative case
  3. Use of some prepositions and their associated declensions
  4. How to rearrange a shloka to understand the verse meaning
  5. Adjectives and their genders

Learning Objectives:  In this course, students will be able to: 

  • Identify and utilize tenses, cases, and parts of speech;
  • Recognize various adjectives and associated genders;
  • Interpret poetic verses and define their prose order; and
  • Compose stories and conduct conversations in detail.

Required / Elective: Required 

Area of Study: Sanskrit Studies

Program of Study: Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency (CP SP) 

Prerequisites: Successful completion of SAN-1004

Faculty / Instructor: Sri Chandrashekhar Raghu / Sri Srinath Chakravarthy 

Quarter Offered: Spring 2021

Start Date: TBD

End Date: TBD

Day: TBD

Time: TBD

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