Prefixes, Compounds, Sanskrit Maxims & Analogies

Course Content

  1. Prefixes / upasargas
  2. 4 types of sandhis (anunAsika-sandhi, anusvAra-sandhi, parasavarNa-sandhi, and visarga-sandhi)
  3. Prose order (anvaya-krama)
  4. Idiom (laukeeka-nyAya) – pankha-prakShAlaNa-nyAya
  5. Common sayings / proverbs
  6. Writing simple essays in Sanskrit

Learning Objectives: In this course, students will be able to: 

  • Synthesize prefixes and suffixes to enhance vocabulary;
  • Integrate more complex conjugates in sentence structure;
  • Critique the meanings behind key maxims and analogies; and
  • Produce stories and essays incorporating the above concepts.

Required / Elective: Required 

Area of Study: Sanskrit Studies

Program of Study: Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency (CP SP)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of SAN-2003 

Faculty / Instructor: Sri Chandrashekhar Raghu / Sri Srinath Chakravarthy 

Quarter Offered: Winter 2022

Start Date: TBD

End Date: TBD

Day: TBD

Time: TBD

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