Tutions and fees

Application Fee

$25.00 (non-refundable)

Tution costs

The basic tution rates are $300.00 per credit hour. HUA fee structure is mainly based on credit numbers.

Here is some additional details:

  • Typically each course is designed with 3 credits so one course cost should be $900 USD.
  • Fellowships are available to the genuinely needy person after enough verification and providing adequate  documentations at HUA office.
  • The cost of core courses offered by HUA will be same $300 per credit  for direct enrollments. However if there is an MoU with any institution, the MoU signed with the individual institute will determine the fee for the students that come through that institution. Please see our Affiliations
  • The fee structure for non-HUA courses is suggested as follows:
    • The institution that is offering the course to its own students – fee is determined by the institution
    • The fee for HUA direct enrollments – the fee will be $300 per credit

NOTE: The fee structure for HUA core courses with PIE, Parmanand Inst, and SACAR is defined in the MOU.

The total cost of any program can be calculated after understanding the total number of credits required.  Administration can help with  it after reviewing your credentials and calculating requirement of total credit, so please provide details when you are trying to optimized total cost.

Chaplaincy and Priesthood Certificate courses

The chaplaincy and priesthood course costs $500 for each level..

*Certificate programs will let student earn direct certificates and not any credits.

*Certificate programs can be transferred in degree program, Please contact HUA for admission process and further details.


Other fees

Credit Transfer / Evaluation fee $ 50.00 per course.

Payment Procedure

Candidates should be prepared to pay tution, fees and other charges at the time of admission to HUA and registration for specific courses. All payments must be made in US dollars

All payments, through checks or money orders only on a bank in the USA, should be in the name of ‘Hindu University of America’, mailed to the University address or submitted to the University cashier.  Electronic bank account transfers are admissible for students overseas. Please contact the HUA office for details.

Please follow the given procedure for payment to HUA :

  1. For check payment: 
    check payable to : Hindu University of America, 5200 Vineland road, Orlando FL 32811 USA
  2. HUA accepts online payment thru PayPal account
    PayPal Account ID : 

    *For first time PayPal users:
  • When you select send money, you need to write “fund@hua.edu“, which is account ID for Hindu University of America. Please mention reason of payment with your name in “add a note” section.
  • You need PayPal login account linked with your bank account.
  • You can learn more on PayPal web link: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/faq
  • Please mention your name, course name and course registration number

Please note above fee structure is applicable to all admissions from January 2018. In case you have any problems while paying, please contact us at info@hua.edu

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