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Hindu University of America (HUA) was established in 1989 and was authorized in 1993 to provide students with a unique academic environment to explore the knowledge systems rooted in and emerging from Vedic thought i.e. the philosophies, traditions, culture, and civilization that has come to be called Hinduism in the popular imagination.

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Hindu University of America seeks to nurture in its students a life-long love for learning and a quest to live a life in harmony with the world, that aligns their pursuit of critical thought and academic excellence with spiritual insight and inner development. It is the University’s aspiration that regardless of their culture of origin, students are empowered to think critically, inquire into who they are, search for an expanded sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, and explore the possibilities for constructive social engagement, making a difference and being of service to humanity.

What does the word "Hindu" mean?

The word “Hindu” in the name of this university is used with the broadest possible connotation, signifying Vedic knowledge systems, traditions, culture, and civilization that originated from Bhārat i.e. India. At the same time, Hindu University of America addresses itself to all people of the world, who may be interested in personal growth, holistic lifestyles, spiritual transformation, and living in harmony with nature and all peoples on our planet. The university is non-sectarian and non-denominational, and does not promote any one Hindu perspective, tradition or sampradāya, and offers a place for the authentic presentation of all that is broadly available for study under the broad terms such as Hindu, Vedic, and Sanātana Dharma. 

Hindu University of America welcomes all qualified students seeking to pursue knowledge and understanding, personal and societal transformation, as well as research and publication, in many diverse areas of study. Those who already have exposure to Hinduism through their own heritage will find the university to be an excellent source to acquire an enhanced understanding of their identity, culture and its unique world-view, while newcomers to Hindu thought will find a thorough and accessible introduction to a seemingly esoteric way of life that is simultaneously both ancient and contemporary. The university strives to explore the knowledge systems of Vedic origin encompassed by the term Hinduism in conversation, with contemporary challenges and opportunities facing humanity, in realms such as religion and theology, natural, human social sciences, economics and politics, education, the fine arts and literature, and more.

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