What is Hindu University?

Hindu University of America is an institution of higher studies offering Masters and Doctoral degrees and Diploma programs in seven different disciplines.  It is authorized by the State of Florida. 

What are the areas of studies at HUA? (D)

Currently HUA is offering Master and / or Doctoral degrees in

  • Hinduism,
  • Hindu Philosophies
  • Yoga Philosophy and Meditation
  • Yoga Education
  • Divine Dancing
  • Ayurvedic Sciences 

Advanced Diploma programs are also available in all of these areas. And more new programs under development.

What is the mission of Hindu University?

The mission is to provide learning, research and training in a broad spectrum of topics related to Vedic/Hindu Culture including, religions, philosophies, practices, etc.  The university aims to promote the catholicity of Hinduism, and to establish harmony among eastern religions and thoughts and modern sciences, thereby contributing to better human understanding and global peace. The university is committed to a comprehensive and liberal education with a broad curriculum at baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral levels in various areas related to Hindu religion, philosophy, language and culture providing the students with a practical base for their spiritual growth.  The university fulfills the growing need of modern western society to obtain authentic and unbiased understanding of the vast and rich heritage of Hindu culture, traditions, philosophy, etc.

Why is Hindu University established?

Hindu University is established to promote several causes:

  1. Provide opportunities to all those who are interested in learning about Hindu philosophies and traditions in an academic setting.
  2. To offer the American people the accumulated wisdom of India in addressing modern problems.
  3. Create an institution which the second and successive generations of Hindus settled in USA can go to for learning about their own heritage.
  4. To create an institution to establish a new dimension in higher education and research wherein  each person is viewed principally as a spiritual being.

When was Hindu University established?

HUA was incorporated in 1989 in Orlando, FL, USA , it received  its tax exempt status in 1992, and authorization to operate as a degree awarding religious academic institution in 1993.

I’m not a Hindu or an Indian American. Can I study at HUA?

Yes.  The University is open to all who want to study and makes the same opportunities available to all without any considerations for race, religion, color, national origin etc.

Does HUA have any affiliation with other institutions?

HUA has affiliation with a number of institutions both here in USA as well as in India.  Please visit the (Link) website to get a list of affiliated institutions.

Are your programs accredited?

Our courses at Masters and Doctoral level are approved by Florida State Department of Education.  Being a religious educational institution in its beginning stages, we are working towards obtaining accreditation.

Does HUA have accreditation?

HUA is in the process of accreditation. However, Hindu University of America is  approved by the Florida State Department of Education(FLDOE) as a degree granting university.

Can I take courses at HUA even if I am not a sure whether to pursue the degree program?

Yes.  Many do so for their personal growth and enrichment.  If you decide to pursue a full degree program later on, the completed courses will be credited.

What degrees are offered by HUA? (D)

As authorized by Florida State Department of Education, the names of degrees from Hindu University of America are: Masters of Hindu Studies, and Doctor of Hindu Studies in various disciplines.  Acronym/abbreviation for these degrees are MHS and DHS respectively. When a student completes the master requirements in say Yoga Education, the degree awarded is Master of Hindu Studies in Yoga Education etc.   

What are the qualifications to get admission in Masters/Doctors/Diploma programs at HUA?

A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is a prerequisite for admission to Masters and Doctoral programs.  Diploma programs do not require a Bachelor’s degree.


I am not close to Orlando, FL. How do I take HUA classes?

 HUA is self paced online university. HUA offers distance-education program.

Can I transfer credits from HUA to my University?

This decision needs to be taken by the University where you want to transfer these credits to. HUA administration will help you and work with you and your University.

Can I transfer credits from my university to HUA?

In general, the answer is affirmative. However, please contact the HUA admin to meet your specific requirements.

What type of employment I might be able to find after completing a program at HUA? (d)

The mission of HUA is to provide an education that allows one to grow personally in spiritual dimension, and be a happier person in whatever one is doing.  In this respect HUA courses supplement the education in traditional educational system. Our Yoga Education program trains yoga teachers with a deeper understanding of the philosophy that is embedded in authentic yoga.  Yoga Philosophy and Meditation program can help us in sharing the benefits of meditation with others. Vedic Astrology program helps one to be an astrologer. Etc.

Does HUA provides any Fellowship or loan Fellowship?

Fellowships are available to the genuinely needy person  after enough verification and providing documentations at HUA office.

Does HUA offer any scholarships to deserving students?

As HUA is in its initial phase of development, we do not have any scholarships programs available so far.   Please note that our tuition fee structure is at a very reasonable level (as compared to other universities in USA).  If there are extenuating circumstances that call for partial tuition waiver, we could work with you.

GI bill

At present, we are not accepting GI bill. We are non profit organization and we charge very basic fee to our students.

Does a student require visa of USA to study in HUA?

No, Hindu University is complete online system. You can take courses any date, any location thru our virtual online learning programs. We have created this system to facilitate our prospective distant student all over the world. so time conflicts will not bother their learning. You can take courses at your own pace and at your own place.

What is time limit or academic calendar at HUA?

HUA has four semester per year. Typically a semester is 12/13 week for course work and 2 week for exams. One can finish his/her study earlier then allocated time. The grades and result will be awarded at the end of semester.

*This section of website is under development.

Recent : HUA

HUA welcomes all qualified students seeking to learn about Hinduism. Recently the new team has taken over the management of the HUA. New Executive Council, Board of Trustees are contributing their efforts to further the cause of the HUA.

HUA : One of a Kind School for Eastern cultures and ethics

Hinduism Quotes

“The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful.”

“Feel nothing, know nothing, do nothing, have nothing, give up all to God, and say utterly, ‘Thy will be done.’ We only dream this bondage. Wake up and let it go.”

Swami Vivekananda

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