Credit Transfer

Hindu University of America has a provision for transfer of credits into their program, if students have taken equivalent courses elsewhere (in an educational institution of standing) at the Master’s or Doctoral level, and for providing advanced standing if students have equivalent competence in the areas of study by virtue of their religious or spiritual service, professional activities, or community leadership

In order to get approval for any such credit transfer, the student needs to provide HUA detailed information specified in the items listed below for each of the courses for which the credit transfer is being requested. Please note that in some cases an evaluation/examination of the background by HUA faculty may be needed before equivalent credits are awarded to the student.

For the transfer of credits, the student needs to provide the following:

  • HUA course number and name for which equivalent credit is being requested.
  • When (dates) and at which institution the equivalent course was completed.
  • Grade or marks obtained for the equivalent course completed elsewhere (documentary evidence required).
  • Course description, outline, topics covered, books followed, etc. in as much detail as available.
  • Names and qualifications of the instructor(s) who taught the course.

For advanced standing based on professional or other experience, the student needs to provide the following:

  • HUA Course number and name of the course for which advanced standing is being requested.
  • Details of the independent study carried out, motivation and/or purpose for the same.
  • If the learning was used for teaching a course (when, where, to how many participants).
  • Any other documentation to support the claim.

The final decision will rest with the Academic Committee of Hindu University of America based on the recommendation of the Office of the Academic Affairs.

The key purpose of the above procedure is to maintain the academic integrity and the standards of Hindu University of America’s programs and courses.

Please note that the rules and the procedures for transfer of credits, from Hindu University of America to any other educational institution are determined by the receiving institution.

Although the university will be cooperating with other institutions for streamlining such procedures, at the present stage, there is no implied or explicit guarantee that such a transfer will always be possible.

Even though there is precedence where other institutions have accepted credits for courses taken at Hindu University of America, students planning any such transfer are advised to inquire about such acceptance from their institution(s) before finalizing their study plans