Giving to HUA

Hindu University of America is at an early stage of development. Its ascent to academic recognition and respectability is dependent on the generosity of friends and well-wishers who are committed to education and research in Hindu knowledge systems, With your support, we will inspire the next generation of students towards service, leadership, and global engagement.

Whether you wish to drive groundbreaking research, promote innovation, help solve the world’s most pressing problems, or simply want to leave a legacy to benefit humanity for generations to come, there are many ways to make a difference at HUA.

Support for scholarships is one of the best ways to help HUA attract talented students into knowledge systems rooted in and emerging from Hindu thought. Today, too many students graduate with burdensome student loans that impact their career choices long after they graduate. Establishing scholarships and Fellowships to support our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows is a critical, ongoing priority.

HUA is committed to recruiting and supporting exceptional faculty and to ensure that they thrive in their teaching, research, and creative work. Philanthropic support is essential for increasing the number of chairs and professorships, and to create programs, courses, centers, departments, schools, and colleges. HUA faculty determine the quality of the university, and providing financial stability for our core faculty is another critical priority.

Gifts funding research at the university create the cutting-edge facilities where HUA’s students and faculty members can carry out their work, pursuing advances in every contemporary field where there is a potential intersection with Hindu thought and knowledge systems. Yoga and Ayurveda are both fields with enormous potential for research and publication that could have a transformative impact on society.

HUA aspires to foster multidisciplinary collaboration to solve urgent societal problems and create an entrepreneurial environment that enables bold ideas to flourish. Philanthropic support is a key component in the university’s ability to advance academic priorities, education, and research through the creation of institutes and centers, where we can seed the projects that generate tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Hindu University of America will develop into a hybrid online and physical campus architecture with learning centers and mini-campuses in multiple cities in the United States as well as internationally. Philanthropic support is vital to build and sustain these physical learning and research environments which, can generate scholarly contributions and develop future leaders who will impact society.

Build, Nurture and Sustain

Much of Hinduism’s growth in the diaspora is due to the commitment of temple-builders: individuals who gave so much of themselves in money and spirit to create and sustain institutions.

In a similar way, as a donor you will be a part of this great Yajña i.e. building, nurturing and sustaining Hindu University of America through three categories of giving: 

  • Sustenance funds which will be used to cover institutional operations costs and grow faculty and administrative operations.
  • Capital funds which will be used for the construction and maintenance of physical assets, campus facilities, and buildings.
  • Endowment funds will be used to invest in university scholarship, teaching, and research while building long term financial security for HUA.