Free Webinar on ‘Yoga and the Healing Power of Contemplative Dialog’

Hindu University of America 

brings you a webinar titled 

Yoga and the Healing Power of Contemplative Dialog
at a time of crisis facing humanity 

On April 11, 2020, @ 10:30 AM EST/ 9:30 AM CST/7:30 AM PST/ 8:00 PM IST

How is this Coronavirus pandemic going to end? 

Will we return to our ‘old selves’ and our ‘familiar normal ’ after this pandemic, or will we transform ourselves in fundamental ways that we don’t yet know?

This Webinar will introduce students to a “Healing Sangha”, that is designed to enable them to come together into a contemplative space, where they learn to listen to themselves and each other, in a new and self-reflective way.

In this Webinar, prospective students will:

  • Get introduced to the power of contemplative dialogs;
  • Learn about  sakhibhAva i.e. listening with affection and friendliness;
  • Learn about sakshibhAva i.e. meditative listening without judgment;
  • Learn about the course (Antaranga Mandapam) offered in the spring quarter 2020 (course begins on April 14th Tuesday).