Free Webinar on Yoga – for Artha and Kama? Or Moksha also?

Yoga is a buzzword and a fashionable fad today. Yoga has filled the marketplace with books, conferences, press-releases, scandals and headlines on one side, and a host of yoga products on the shelf, both in the malls and on the internet. The religious circles and academia are busy creating the narrative on the history of modern yoga, who the authors and the founders of modern yoga would be, and how the new form of ‘acculturation’ yoga is better than ancient yoga. This webinar explains what makes yoga authentic. 

This webinar explains the evolution of spirituality in the human psyche and covers the concepts and the worldview of Sankhya, which is the basis of yoga and the overall worldview of yoga, leading up to its relationship with Vedanta. The final goal of every human being is moksha! This path provides us freedom from the bondage of the mundane world, and of desires, aversion and the turmoil that created in our minds.

To know more, please join Hindu University of America for a Free Webinar on “Yoga for Artha and Kama? Or Moksha also?” on Saturday, February 29th at 2 PM EST/ 1 PM CST/ 11 AM PST.