Dr. M.A. Alwar

Dr. M A Alwar

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Alwar is a professor of Nyāyaśāstra in the Govt. Maharaja’s Sanskrit College, Mysuru and a Hon. Director of Transdisciplinary University, Bengaluru, implementing projects related to cataloging, editing, and publishing manuscripts and framing curriculum in Āyurveda. He has authored several monographs, articles and presented several papers in academic congregations related to Darśaṇās. A dynamic scholar, he is active both in spheres of academic research and in traditional vidvat-sabhās alike.

Honored with many recognitions including the Śāstra-ratnākara award by Rāmāñjaneya Veda-pāṭhaśālā, he also holds membership in several professional and academic bodies. He also works for social outreach of Vedic knowledge, especially to children through multi-media publication and web-based programs.

He specializes in the fields of Navya-nyāya, Prācīna-nyāya, Viśiṣṭādvaita-vedānta, Manuscriptology, Lexicography and comparative study and application of ancient Indian scientific concepts to modern science, especially Computer Science. He is a visiting faculty at Maharastra Institute of Technology, School of Vedic Sciences (MIT SVS) to teach Vedas and Nyāya.

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