Ms. Rani Kumra

Ms. Rani Kumra

Rani Kumra is among the most celebrated mystics and spiritual masters of modern times. Over the years she has helped many Individuals to experience positive transformation in their lives, relief from stress and relationship problems etc. Thousands of people have attended her workshops in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

For many years Rani was the leader of the Oneness Movement in North America and served on the Board of Directors of the Foundation For World Awakening, a spiritual organization. Through her work she raised millions of dollars for 6000 acres of land, the construction of the Oneness Temple, Oneness University, and hostels. She served as a Board member of the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple and was one of the key members of the fundraising committee for its construction.

Rani Kumra holds a Masters Degree from India and earned her teaching credentials from UC Irvine. She also is a Resource Specialist through San Jose State University. She taught for many years and later quit her teaching profession to work with a spiritual organization.

She currently serves on the board of Dharma Civilization Foundation and has a deep appreciation for the Vedanta teachings. They transformed her life and she wants others to experience the same so that their lives will be transformed as well. She also volunteered with Seva international on many projects such as fires in Nepa, educating kids in rural areas in India and Covid 19 projects in the Bayarea.

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