Shri Jeffrey Armstrong

Shri Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religions, and Literature, and has deeply immersed himself in the study and teaching of Vedic philosophy, yoga and astrology for the past 45 years.  He is also the founder of VASA – Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts in Vancouver, Canada. He Prior to his 10-year career as an executive in Silicon Valley, he spent five years in an ashram as a brahmacharya (monk).

He is an award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books including: The Bhagavad Gita comes alive, the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World published by Simon & Schuster. He has been deeply interested in the challenges of translation across cultures, and languages, i.e., from Sanskrit to English and sharing across cultures, from the Vedic paradigm to the Christian paradigm.

Jeffrey’s years of diverse experience in executive corporate situations, relationship counseling, and high-level psychological mentoring make him uniquely qualified to teach the “Philosophy & Psychology of Yoga” that is required to reach the enquiring minds of today. His methods go beyond the psychological or process-based techniques currently popular in the west, presenting some of the most timeless truths emerging from the Vedic Hindu paradigm.

Jeffrey Armstrong was featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga, Wings of Yoga, and the 2014 Leo Award-winning documentary “Take Back Your Power” and is currently engaged in multiple Video Publication and broadcasting projects.

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