Dr. Tilaka Rao

Dr. Tilaka M Rao

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Tilaka M Rao is a faculty member at School of Vedic Sciences at MIT ADT University, Pune, specializing in Vyākaraṇa and Nyāya. He underwent 12 years of rigorous training in Vedic literature covering 10 major Upaniṣads in Prabodhinī Gurukula and Veda Vijñāna Gurukula in Karnataka along with training to chant the entire Kṛṣṇa-yajurveda (Taittirīya-śākhā). In addition, he had the opportunity to study many important works from classical Sanskrit including Kāvya, Paṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī, and philosophical systems including Vedānta, Nyāya, Sāṁkhya and Yoga.

He served as Assistant Professor at Veda Vijñāna Śodha Saṁsthānam near Bengaluru, and recently was an Assistant Director of the same institute. Dr. Tilaka M Rao was awarded gold medal in Masters (Sanskrit) and JRF to pursue Ph.D. on the Utsarga-apavāda principle in Aṣṭādhyāyī. He has authored 3 books and was the executive editor of an annual research journal called ‘Śrutiśobhā’. He is a visiting faculty of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, Dublin, Ireland.

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