Dr. Vishwa Adluri

Core Doctoral Faculty

Dr. Vishwa P. Adluri is a Professor in the Philosophy Department at Hunter College, New York. He holds Ph.D.s in Philosophy (New School for Social Research, New York), Indology (Philipps University, Marburg), and Sanskrit (Deccan College, Pune). Prof. Adluri’s work focuses on the reception of ancient Greek and Indian thought in modernity. He is the author of three monographs (Bloomsbury, OUP, and Anthem); four edited volumes (Brill, Bhandarkar Oriental Institute, and de Gruyter); and numerous articles and essays.

Prof. Adluri is a recipient of Sanatana Dharma Foundation’s Swami Dayananda Saraswati Dharma Rakshaka Award, Dharma Civilization Foundation’s Swami Vivekananda Research Fellowship, the Guru Swami Sahananda Book of the Year Award, the Pandit Satwalekar Award for Contribution in Sanskrit and Art, and Hunter College’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has been interviewed by Open, Swarajya, News18, Social Research, and IndiaFacts. As a core doctoral faculty member at the Hindu University of America, Prof. Adluri guides its “Texts and Traditions” concentration. He teaches courses in Indian philosophy, Vedānta, the Sanskrit epics, ancient Greek and Western philosophy, and theology.

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