Beginner Level Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency

Beginner Level Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency (CPSP) is a foundation course for students of all ages, from 9th Grade onward. It is taught by dedicated HUA Faculty members, via a user-friendly Online Platform, featuring a learning model that uses live virtual classrooms.
It is a detailed 44 weeks (4 Quarters) of study that prepares beginner level students, i.e. those without any prior knowledge of Sanskrit, to achieve a level of proficiency with the Sanskrit language that will enable them to start the higher-level courses with ease. The Beginner Level CPSP is aimed at high school students with a passion to learn a new language, those who are keen to engage with the texts and literature of Hinduism and its numerous derivative knowledge systems. No prior knowledge of the Sanskrit script is assumed. The medium of instruction will be English, for a global audience.

Learning Objective:

This course is structured to allow a beginner level student to start listening, writing, and reading the Sanskrit Script DevanAgari through a streamlined set of exercises. In this program, the students will gain proficiency

  • Understanding the origin of various sounds in Sanskrit.
  • Pronouncing and writing the Sanskrit alphabets that are single letters, both vowels, and consonants.
  • Pronouncing and writing the Sanskrit combination letters and using them in forming words.
  • Reciting simple Sanskrit verses with the correct pronunciation.
  • Reading and writing simple prose passages in DevanAgari and build basic vocabulary.
  • Completing simple exercises and gaining the right skills required for further studies in Sanskrit.
  • Learning basic Sanskrit grammar, including vibhatis , tenses, indeclinables, prefixes, etc.

Program Structure:

The CPSP Beginner Level Certificate Program is structured in the form of 4 quarters (1 year) sequence, 1.5 Credit hours each. This will add up to 60 hours of instruction and 120 hours of self-study in total.

Structured innovatively using the curriculum and textbooks designed by
Samskrita Bharati USA (SBusa.org), the Program will be based upon material contained in the SBusa published books, “ Ayanam ” & “SaariNee”,
augmented with other appropriate course content.

At the end of the 4th quarter, students will have the option to take a Sanskrit Entrance Test to enter the CPSP (Higher Level) courses, from SAN1001 to SAN2004.

Beginning Sanskrit - Script & Sounds

Beginning Sanskrit – Script & Sounds

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Beginning Sanskrit - Words & Vocabulary

Beginning Sanskrit – Words & Vocabulary

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Beginning Sanskrit - Sentences & Comprehension

Beginning Sanskrit – Sentences & Comprehension

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Beginning Sanskrit - Proverbs & Stories

Beginning Sanskrit – Proverbs & Stories

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