Mrs. Rima Shah

Rima Shah is RYT 200, and has Bachelors in Physical Therapy and Masters in Public Health (San Jose University, San Jose, CA). She is currently pursuing a Diploma in Yoga Therapy.  Presently, she is a Yoga Teacher and Education Administrator at Yoga Bharati.

Rima has been part of various Yoga Teacher Training courses offered by Yoga Bharati and has also led Stop Diabetes Movement in collaboration with Sewa, Bay Area and Yoga Bharati. She began her yoga journey six years ago and has been teaching wellness yoga classes, prenatal yoga class and therapy yoga classes. 

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Ms. Rohini Garimalla

Ms. Rohini Garimalla is RYT 200 and pursuing diploma in yoga therapy. Rohini has been practicing yoga from 8 years and teaching for 3 years. Her compassion-centered teaching style and training background focus on student’s health and wellness at physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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Smt. Rama Shripati

Rama Shripati is currently a student of HUA certificate program in Samskritam proficiency. She has a keen interest in learning about the Hindu culture, traditions, deities, philosophy and Shastreeya Sangeet. She did her BTech in Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering at IIT Madras and worked at Microsoft for a few years. She trained in yoga instruction and vedic chanting in the Krishnamacharya tradition. She currently teaches yoga and vedic chanting in addition to being an ardent Vipassana meditator. She is passionately motivated to pursue higher studies in Samskritam.

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Dr. A. R. Ravindranatha Menon

Dr. A.R.R. Menon, PhD in Rubber Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur worked as a Scientist at the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, from 1983-2016. He was a Visiting Scientist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Chon Buk National University, South Korea, New University of Lisbon and University of Minho, Portugal and ITMC, RWTH, Aachen, Germany. He is an MBA (HR & marketing specialization). Having developed a keen interest in the study of Sanskrit language he completed four levels of a course (Pravesh, Parichaya, Shiksha, and Kovida) offered by Vishwa Samskrita Pratishthan (VSP), Kerala. He completed another course on ‘Sanskrit through Bhagavad Gita’, offered by VSP. He did Acharya Bridge -Sahityam (Sanskrit) course of Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthān, New Delhi. He holds an MA (Sanskrit) degree from Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyāpeetha, Kochi. He is associated with the Samskritabharati, Bengaluru in Sanskrit wikipedia related activities (Wikisource). Also, the Teacher Training at Samskritabharati, had equipped him to conduct Sanskrit classes afterwards. He believes strongly in the ideology of VSP and Samskritabharati towards promotion and propagation of Sanskrit through life-long learning, teaching and research.

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Smt. Parvathi Sriram

Parvathi Sriram is a Physical Therapist by profession and practiced in India prior to moving to Houston. Her area of interests are Sanskrit and Vedanta. She is currently teaching Sanskrit for Arsha Vidya Bhaarati students. She has also been teaching at Balavihar, Chinamya Mission Houston since 2015. Parvathi has been studying Vedanta at Chinmaya Mission Houston since 2014. She also continues her Sanskrit learning at AVB and through Samskrita Bharati. 

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Smt. Brindha Aangarai Venkataraman

Brindha is currently a student of HUA certificate program in Sanskrit proficiency. She has deep interest in learning about Hindu culture and philosophy. She comes from a traditional orthodox Vedic family. She has worked in IT and banking industry for few years and was a gold medalist in Electrical Engineering  from University of Madras. In her free time, she does paintings and teaches Shlokas to children.

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Shri Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religions, and Literature, and has deeply immersed himself in the study and teaching of Vedic philosophy, yoga and astrology for the past 45 years.  He is also the founder of VASA – Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts in Vancouver, Canada. He Prior to his 10-year career as an executive in Silicon Valley, he spent five years in an ashram as a brahmacharya (monk). He is an award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books including: The Bhagavad Gita comes alive, the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World published by Simon & Schuster. He has been deeply interested in the challenges of translation across cultures, and languages, i.e., from Sanskrit to English and sharing across cultures, from the Vedic paradigm to the Christian paradigm.

Jeffrey’s years of diverse experience in executive corporate situations, relationship counseling, and high-level psychological mentoring make him uniquely qualified to teach the “Philosophy & Psychology of Yoga” that is required to reach the enquiring minds of today. His methods go beyond the psychological or process-based techniques currently popular in the west, presenting some of the most timeless truths emerging from the Vedic Hindu paradigm. He was featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga, Wings of Yoga, and the 2014 Leo Award-winning documentary “Take Back Your Power” and is currently engaged in multiple Video Publication and broadcasting projects.

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Ms. Sindhu Singal

Sindhu Singal, BS Electronics, has been associated with Yoga Bharati as a YTT student since 2017, as a Yoga instructor since 2018, presently, pursuing Diploma in Yoga Therapy at Yoga Bharati institution. After being guided by her mother towards the yoga path 15 years ago, she has followed this flawless path since then, keeping her unstoppable hunger ignited, delving deep into yoga. In addition, she runs her private yoga classes, helping others to embrace this path too.

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Mrs. Ishwarryah Ramanathan

Ishwarryah Ramanathan is a Yoga Alliance certified(RYT200) teacher and Faculty with Yogabharati. She is a MS Graduate in Computer Science & Information Systems, Experienced Mobile App Developer turned Artist/ Bakery Business Owner. She is currently pursuing Diploma in Yoga Therapy with interest in Psychology and Pranayama. Yoga and its Philosophy helped her to a lifestyle that’s balanced – Better health, better mind and spiritual growth. She is passionate to share her experience with others.

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Mr. Nachi Muthukumar

Nachi Muthukumar (MS, BS Computer Science, RYT-200) is a volunteer at Yoga Bharati. He has undergone yoga teacher training at Yogabharati, Los Angeles in 2016 and is currently pursuing his Diploma in yoga Therapy. He has conducted Yoga Teacher Training programs (YTT) and also has led the Stop Diabetes Movement in the Los Angeles Area. He has been conducting yoga wellness programs for all ages around the Greater Los Angeles area.

Nachi completed his Masters & Bachelor in Computer Engineering from India (Tamil Nadu). He is currently the Director of Engineering in SureCo, Inc at Santa Ana, CA.

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