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Whether you are culturally Hindu and looking to reconnect deeply with your roots or you are culturally non-Hindu but interested in engaging deeply with the knowledge systems and traditions of Vedic and Indic origin, Hindu University of America with has something unique to offer you.

  • It was indeed a splendid idea several years ago to launch the Hindu University of America. The
    the idea is as powerful today as it was then, and perhaps even more so as the current marketplace
    of ideas demonstrates a growing desire to learn more about the values enshrined in Hinduism
    through its practices, such as meditation, yoga, pranayama, and Ayurveda.


    Padma Bhushan Ved Nanda

    Chairman,Board of Directors, HUA
  • As Hindu University of America’s mission statement reveals, it represents a historic opportunity
    to reconsider the role and value of the humanities. I am hopeful that in the years to come the
    Hindu University of America will make a major contribution not only to Hindu studies and
    Hinduism but also to American academia itself by living up to the standards of critical inquiry
    and open debate.

    Vishwa P Adluri

    Dr. Vishwa Adluri

    Professor in Philosophy, Hunter College
  • The Hindu University of America holds enormous promise for the future of humanity by marshaling
    Vedic wisdom towards addressing multiple crises confronting the world today. It can emerge as
    an intellectual beacon for understanding the problems plaguing our society and exploring
    solutions in the light of that ancient Vedic wisdom.

    Dr. D. A. Mahapatra

    Dr. Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra,

    Director, Mahatma Gandhi Center, Hindu University of America
  • “Traveling through the “spiritual India” is like enjoying the care of a nurturing grandmother; she is ever-present to transfer the profundity of her ancestral knowledge. In Bharat, every aspect of daily life carries a significance, and the individual realizes that everything is part of universal synchronicity. What is particularly exciting about this program is that we will explore and experience the deep harmony that comes from living by such principles. Physically being in India, with guidance that caters to your growth, creates an environment where is impossible to be untouched.”

    Adriana Salazar.

    Adriana Salazar

    "Co-ordinator, Visit India and Study Abroad Program"
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